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Bristol born producer Guido releases his second album 'Moods Of Future Joy' through home town label Tectonic Recordings. Alongside Joker and Gemmy, Guido completed Bristol's “Purple Trinity” generation of dubstep producers, whose collective sound took the worldwide underground scene by storm in 2009. His 2010 debut 'Anieda' was incredibly received by critics - hailed as “one of the finest post-dubstep full-lengths yet” by Pitchfork and the Guardian describing Guido as “one of the most gifted [composers]. He arranges sound with an elegant precision, as though painting a still life”. Resident Advisor highlighted his adaptive musicality, writing “there's no other producer releasing music at the moment who can switch styles so emphatically”.

Stepping forward from the synthed out R&B blueprints laid down by 'Anieda' with tempered restraint, Guido has spent the past 18 months grafting in the studio to bring 'Moods Of Future Joy' to fruition. Two vocal collaborations — album opener 'Green Eyed Monster' and 'Letting Go' — feature singer Emma-Lou, 'Same Road' explores expansive minimalism and 'Afrika pt 2' (pt 1 released on Guido's own label State Of Joy) flirts with broken-Afro-beats. The playfulness of 'Heartless Dodger' contrasts the grimier tones of 'NRG' while the melancholic harmonies of 'Kalm' provide a subtle diversion to the bombastic album closer, 'Squeaky Jungle'. Foundations in studying jazz and classical music are evident on this highly musical long player. Impeccably composed instrumentation, performance and production meld to create sonically delightful tracks that — although always inherent of dubstep's influence — are bereft of any single genre

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