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Established Berlin based producer Carsten Aermes, aka PHON.O, delivers his latest EP 'Afterglow', bringing the Vorsprung Durch (to) Tectonic. Having dropped a number of acclaimed releases on Modeselektor's dynamic imprint 50 Weapons over the last several years, PHON.O has also had a variety of singles and EPs for the likes of Compact, Bpitch Control, Shitkatapult and Detroit Underground, as well as remixes galore.
'Mercurial' kick starts the EP at 137bpm, melting the boundaries between techno, dubstep and footwork with effortless grace. The track sets a mood with an initial sense of ominous tension, before embarking on a strange, cosmic journey, narrated by polyrhythmic layers of percussive interplay. Kick drums bounce, snares crack, hats and the melody builds with mysterious intent.
Flip over then for the first of two further tales in dubwise beat science. First up is 'U8 Phunk', taking it's name in part from a Berlin underground metro line, it represents a tougher, harder edge to the EP. Recalling echo's of jungle music alongside techno sensibilities, 'U8 Phunk' follows on again at 137bpm with a series of hyperactive drum hits and twisting percussive manoeuvres, charged with a reese-like bassline and grimy bass stabs.
'Bell Blender' closes off the EP, further developing themes of broken breakbeats and grimy sci-fi atmospherics, this time at a tempo more accessible to techno dancefloors. Dubbed and spacious, smattered with crashing remnants of breakbeats and scorching synth sonics -  it's a fine way to round things off!

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