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Hot on the tails of the excellent EP on Cold Recordings, dropped earlier in the year, Manchester's Acre takes thing to Tectonic once again demonstrating why we should be paying plenty of attention to this exciting young producer. Acre glides across sonic landscapes of grime, techno, industrial/experimental with ease, melding a jilted sense of other-worldliness seamlessly with dancefloor sensibilities. A delicate tightrope to walk! Over the course of 'Icons EP', Acre explores and references his influences - expanding, developing and flashing light over towards the unseen.

'Ping' kicks the EP off, it's raucous hoovers tearing from the offset, soon to be joined by toxic breakbeats, bouncing of the walls; screaming it's demented jungle war cry at 125bpm. Guaranteed to get your heart racing! Follow on then to 'Blue Moon' which references grime instrumentals of years past, yielding a darker take to the more familiar Night Slugs sonic. Flip the plate and take a deep percussive journey with 'Icon' which sounds a bit like Shackleton might if he made his beats on a gameboy.. Finally 'Reload' winds down the EP at a more relaxed pace yet compromised - 'loaded with future-bass science and other mind melting sounds.

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