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TEC091 - VINYL  + MP3 DOWNLOAD 4 tracks

12" Vinyl £6.99

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The mysterious Nurve follows up on his Tectonic debut, originally released back in 2014, with 4 crunching darkside cuts, conjuring the spirits of Ed Rush & Optical circa late 90's, to appear here in a techno form.

The EP opens with 'Pyromaniac', a homage or even a love ode to the power of fire, which, like the track itself is both mesmerising and bewitching, entrancing and delirious. Next up, in collaboration with Caski, 'Brain Sugar' takes the mood deeper, continuing with the mystical vibes and meticulous  tech-heavy programming and adding a more tribal dimension to proceedings.

'Cabana' hits hard straight from the offset, forming as the more rolling dance floor focussed track of the EP, while holding true to the palette and moods of the rest of the EP. Finally, closing up, is 'Drugs Don't Work', an ambiguous statement met by the broken rhythm of the track and disintegrating trajectory it takes.

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